Hi, I am Emiisa, CEO of Zikini

Hi, I am Emiisa, CEO of Zikini

I am glad that you found your way to the Zikini website! I am Emiisa, CEO and designer of Zikini.


Your journey as a fashion designer?

My interest in fashion started at an early age through drawing and playing with costumes. I used to watch Gossip Girl, Next Top Model- and Project Runway -series which inspired me to start my journey in fashion. And after watching Devil Wears Prada -movie (Ah... the scene where Andy shows up wearing the Chanel boots!) I was destined to start my work in fashion. 



I followed my sister's steps to a fashion school after graduating from high school. At first, I wasn’t the best sewer but I was a great visionary. I used to model for my schoolmates for their designs. My hard work paid off and got great opportunities to work as an intern in the biggest tv shows in Finland. I launched my first collection in 2013, which included business- and formalwear for women and men.

After graduating I have worked in a bridal store and menswear. I have also been designing evening- and bridal gowns, creating costumes for music videos, and working as a fashion teacher for children in Helsinki and Bangkok, Thailand.



Can you describe your style in fashion?

I have always been keen on haute couture and detailed craftsmanship. I have explored different techniques and adapted them in Zikini style. I wanted to create detailed and hand-made bikinis.



Why Bikinis?

I am born in raised in Finland. So, we didn’t have much sun in Summertime. Or heatwaves that we could enjoy being outdoors in swimwear.

I have always been interested in traveling and exploring different cultures. Around four years ago we started to make girl's trips to Mediterranean countries. So, I came fanatic to find the best looks for my trips. What could look good on the internet, feel good on my skin and make that wow effect on others. I tried so many bikinis but couldn’t find something that suit my personality. Then the idea of creating something on my own started.