About Chill Collection

About Chill Collection

Sleep, Chill, Zikini, Repeat.


Zikini Chill Collection is perfect for relaxing during lockdown times. Enjoy a spa feeling in the comfort of your home.

Relax in this lightweight, waffle-textured Palma Robe inspired by the blossom of the flower field. Palma Robe is made of cotton, it has a kimono-style shape with wide cropped sleeves and a ruffle hem.


Our Chill Sleep Mask has comfortable three-layered cotton to make you sleep all night and a gentle elastic strap.

How to have a good hair day? Wrap your waffle-textured Chill Scrunchie around your high or low ponytail or a large bun.



Zikini Chill Pet Robe is paw perfect! A waffle-textured bathrobe is perfect after a bath or just chilling with your mate! Stay dry, warm, and stylish!

Chill Pet Robe is made of cotton, it has a cute hoodie and a ruffle hem. Life is better in matching outfits!



-Take care and stay home.-

Photos: Kristina Suzi